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NFL Gambling Exotic Forms at Sports Gambling

Although NFL gambling side/pointspreads, money lines, and over/under totals are the most popular, there are several different kinds of football gambling.

"Futures" are an ever increasingly popular way to participate in NFL gambling. Future bets can range from a gambler betting on the total amount of wins that a team will achieve during the regular season, NFL gambling odds on a team winning the Super Bowl, or their conference championship, or other similar type football gambling proposition, (AKA="props").

For example if you check on an online NFL gambling site's NFL gambling odds you will notice each team has a number assigned to them to start the season, which represents the "over/under" on how many straight up wins they will score during the season.

If, for example, you see lines that read "Oakland 6" that means a fan can bet that Oakland will either win more/over 6 games for the season or win less/under 6 games for the season. The odds to win the Super Bowl are one of the most popular of all forms of exotic NFL gambling.

Many casual fans love this form of football gambling as it gives them a ticket on their favorite team for the entire season, without having to mess with weekly wagering, pointspreads, etc.

The Super Bowl NFL gambling odds are pretty much self explanatory, such as if you see "Pittsburgh 3-1" that means the Steelers are 3-1 to win the Super Bowl this year. The same principle of odds applies to whether a team will win its conference championship or not.

Many NFL gambling fans prefer this because they are wagering on a team to simply make the Super Bowl, rather than have to win it all the way.

For these footballs gambling players they can then decide come Super Sunday whether they want to make a separate wager on the big game itself, having already pocketed a winning wager on the conference championship NFL gambling odds.

Futures have appeal even with some sports gambling professionals, particularly the over/under numbers for total wins in a season for the teams as they can apply their expertise on a macro level.

Just like when wagering on NFL pointspreads/sides, keep in mind that the NFL gambling oddsmakers set the futures Football gambling lines based on public perception and demand.