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Courage in Football Gambling Success at Sports Gambling

In pro football gambling, just as in life itself, many people end up taking comfort in paralysis of analysis and from NFL gambling group think.

The problem occurs with far too many bettors that participate in pro football gambling. They are afraid to act, to oppose the football gambling masses, to challenge conventional thought and "wisdom" against NFL gambling odds and so they bury themselves into the comfort of tout sheets and NFL gambling chat rooms for the security of knowing that they will think, and LOSE, like everyone else.

While courage is not the only thing needed for success and profit in pro football gambling it ranks right up there, perhaps with independent thought, as a necessary ingredient.

Have you ever noticed that in politics, instead of having the courage to solve problems politicians will form “Blue Ribbon Commissions” to study problems and draw up term paper solutions rather than ACTION? Major League baseball, in fact, is doing this now with the performance enhancing human growth drug scandals.

Baseball waited for this issue to blow up and then formed blue ribbon panels instead of utilize good old fashioned BALLS to do what was right, just as they did with the competitive balance issue a few years ago.

What is courage? The first part of the definition would simply be the ability of a gambler to not fear stepping into the mass march of the crowd, of opposing what everyone else is doing, to not only ignore but challenge the intellectual incest that takes place each week in pro football gambling.

Admittedly this takes a lot of nerve at first. Most gamblers break in to football gambling action by doing all of the "right" things when looking at football gambling odds, which end up costing them money in the end. An NFL gambling fan literally has to reprogram his mind and methodology, as well as his "stones" to go against the grain.

Courage in pro football gambling also means that a gambler will make unorthodox decisions that would have the masses shaking their heads in utter amazement.

Courage in NFL gambling also means that a gambler will do his own work, use his own methodology with NFL Betting Lines, and not pay attention to what the "experts" think. The courage to stand alone has always paid off in life and in NFL gambling.