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Choices for Super Bowl Betting Odds at Sports Gambling

Super Bowl betting odds are the world’s most popular form of sports betting.

Not only because the Super Bowl is the most popular game of the year, but also because it is the NFL, and anything regarding the NFL is popular, especially the Super Bowl. There are a number of great choices for Super Bowl odds, so let’s take a look at them. Super Bowl betting odds start with “side” wagers in which you pick one team or the other.

This is against the pointspread where one team is favored over the other team. Other Super Bowl betting odds include the total in which players make wagers on whether or not the combined score of a Super Bowl will go over or under a combined total set by the Super Bowl odds maker. Still another option for Super Bowl betting odds is the money line.

This takes the pointspread out of the equation entirely and creates a money line. Let’s look at examples of all three of those Super Bowl betting odds choices. If we had New England playing Dallas and the Patriots were a 7 point favorite in Super Bowl betting odds, that means if you liked the Patriots you would be laying seven points to the Cowboys.

You would risk $11 for every $10 you wanted to win. For your bet to win versus the Super Bowl betting odds, the Patriots would have to win the Super Bowl by more than seven points. Conversely, you could take Dallas +7 for the same $110 to win $100 in Super Bowl odds. The total is also wagered on the same $11-$10 basis.

The total might be 49 points and you could wager over or under that amount of points being scored in the game. The money line wager would take the pointspread out of the equation in Super Bowl betting odds and might have New England at -260 and Dallas at +220. The money line only worries about who wins the game, no pointspreads are involved.

There are also Super Bowl betting odds on proposition wagers where you can gamble on things like the most passing yards, interceptions, fumbles, etc. You can even gamble on which team will win the coin toss. Proposition wagers are very popular in Super Bowl betting odds every year.

Those are the basics of Super Bowl betting odds. You have the side, the total, the money line, and propositions. Look for them this year in Super Bowl odds.

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