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Canadian football gambling Championship at Sports Gambling, unique Canadian football betting odds and up to date scores available 24/7.

Canadian football gambling can be done in eight teams in eight cities, divided into two divisions of four CFL teams each. The CFL schedule runs a season of 19 weeks from late June until early November. Each team gets one bye week. In November, six of the eight teams compete in the league's three-week playoffs.

Depending on the Canadian online football betting scores, the playoffs will culminate in the Grey Cup championship. It is the largest annual sports and television event in Canadian online football betting schedule, and the top event in Canadian online football betting. The CFL was officially started in 1958 but has history going back to the 1860's.

In 1993 the league had its first ever United States franchise, the Sacramento Gold Miners. The following year the league added the Las Vegas Posse, Shreveport Pirates and Baltimore CFL Colts.

1995 there was more U.S. news as Birmingham, San Antonio and Memphis had teams but Canadian pro football betting interest in the U.S. was poor and although Baltimore set interesting Canadian online football betting scores when they won the Grey Cup, the NFL was too tough to compete with.

Baltimore eventually moved to Montreal and became the Alouettes. After three years that included U.S. teams, the CFL went back to all Canadian online football betting teams. In 2002 the league went back to 9 CFL teams and added the Ottawa Renegades but they couldn't make it financially and disbanded before the 2006 CFL season.

Edmonton's Commonwealth Stadium is the largest venue in the CFL and the only one with natural grass, where many fans and football betting players attend the games. In 2006 the CFL had a total attendance of over 2 million with the average attendance of 29,343 per game.

That is the third highest per-game attendance of any North American sports league. The Canadian online football betting League is the second most popular league in Canada for sports betting behind the NHL.

All eight Canadian online football betting teams are divided into two divisions: the East Division and the West Division with each team playing two games against each team in the opposite division, three games against two CFL teams in its own division, and four games against the other team in its own division.