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Overreaction in Football Gambling at Sports Gambling

To succeed at football gambling a gambler simply cannot afford the luxury of getting caught up in the overreactions based on a single NFL gambling game.

Such luxuries are for the losers. Pro football gambling is the ultimate test of keeping a level head and staying focused on the long term and big picture. You want to start succeeding at NFL gambling? Then turn off the babbling baboons and huckster hype artists at ESPN, quit reading the Internet and think for yourself when looking at football gambling odds!

A classic example of the moronic idiocy and child like mentality of the media and NFL gambling masses occurred in the opening weekend of the 2005 football gambling season when the experienced and perennial playoff contending Denver Broncos met up with the rebuilding Dolphins at Miami.

Denver was coming off a 10-6 in 2004 football gambling season and their second straight playoff berth while Miami was coming off a catastrophic 4-12 NFL gambling season in which their head coach quit at the midway point before they hired Nick Saban away from LSU to begin a massive rebuilding program.

Based on the reputations and expectations of the two NFL teams, Denver was correctly installed as a 6-point road chalk for football gambling odds. In one of the most memorably shocking upset results of the entire pro football gambling season, Miami clobbered Denver 34-10.

To savvy NFL gambling pros, this was part of the deal, shocking upsets are a way of life in pro football gambling and you simply accept that as part of the gig.

But to the ignorant NFL gambling masses, and to the hype artists at ESPN, they breathlessly began writing off the Broncos as finished, in turmoil, and that quarterback Jake Plummer and coach Mike Shanahan were likely to be lynched at high noon.

What all of these lousy football gambling fans failed to consider was the fact that Denver was still a deep and solid club, that even the best NFL teams lose games and get upset, and that Miami had some intangibles in their favor that could help explain why this game turned out the way it did starting with the fact that it was Saban's debut as coach, and it was also at home.

But no, being rational and logical doesn't “entertain” the masses when they are gambling on football, only hysteria does that, so it seems. Denver went on to go 13-2 straight up and 11-3-1 against the football gambling odds in their final 15 games of 2005, making it all the way to the AFC title game.