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NFL Football Betting Public Money at Sports Gambling

NFL football betting lines are set by the odds makers in the hopes that they will attract an equal amount of money on both sides of the NFL betting game.

NFL football betting lines are carefully set based on what the public will bet, not what actually should happen in the game. NFL football betting is the most popular type of sports betting. The big public betting sport is the NFL. There is so much public money wagered against the NFL betting odds that it counterbalances the NFL betting wagers of the professional players.

Professionals look at a lot of factors when they make a wager. The public looks at only one or two. The strong teams and the favored teams get the first look by the public but they are the last place the professional looks. It is constantly a battle in NFL football betting between the professionals and the public.

If you think that the professionals win most of the time in NFL betting you would be mistaken. The battle is much closer than you think. NFL football betting can see the public win just as much as the professionals. There will even be entire seasons that the public outperforms the professional gamblers in NFL football betting.

In the long term the public will lose, but for many gamblers a year is a long time and the public has had winning years in NFL betting. Public money in the NFL football betting is a major factor in the odds you see every week on the board. The NFL football betting lines are set based upon who the public is likely to bet.

That may not reflect the strength of the two teams. For example, let’s say that New England is hosting Denver and the Patriots are a 10 point favorite. The power ratings have New England as just a 7 point favorite. Why then is the NFL betting line set at -10? The reason the line is higher is that the oddsmakers know the public will still bet the Patriots at the higher number.

The true merits of the teams are irrelevant. The oddsmakers know that the public will bet New England regardless of the number so it is set higher. That is how it works in NFL football betting. Public opinion matters and it definitely affects the NFL football betting line.