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NFL Football Betting Like Stock at Sports Gambling

NFL football betting can also be look at like a market investor.Look at the NFL betting teams the same way you look at stocks.

NFL football betting players may want to consider as stocks rather than actual NFL betting teams. In NFL football betting, you have to remember that the goal as you do your football betting are gambling on football is to win money, period.

Those gamblers that play the stock market treat their endeavors as investments just as winning NFL football betting players do. You may want to keep this stock theory in mind as you look. Look at the New England Patriots.

From the 2001-2004 NFL betting seasons when they won three Super Bowls the Patriots were also winning NFL football betting fans some serious money. It was as if the football betting oddsmakers were continually behind the curve on New England and unable to post a high enough NFL football betting line.

In regular NFL football betting season and playoffs combined from 2001-2004 New England was a huge pointspread success. They went 49-24 against the spread. That is a super NFL football betting pointspread mark for any NFL team. Look back at the 2005 football betting season and you may see that things began to change for this NFL team.

By the time that the 2005 football betting season opened, the Patriots were already overpriced. The Patriots opened against the Raiders and were a huge public choice. The Patriots were considered money in the bank that NFL football betting fans wagered on.

When New England became the public’s choice that was the time they started to lose against the NFL betting pointspread. The Patriots actually won the game against Oakland but then lost four of their next seven against the NFL football betting spread.

They finished the year at 9-9 against the NFL football betting pointspread and were no longer the best in terms of pointspread. This example of a team is exactly what happens in the stock market all the time. A stock gets a lot of public attention, goes up, and then when everyone is on it, goes down.

As you look at NFL football betting lines this season consider looking at NFL betting teams more like stocks than as NFL betting teams. You may be pleasantly surprised at your results.