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NFL Gambling Bad Games Value at Sports Gambling

On NFL gambling odds we must move on to other leading indicators where handicappers can find football gambling value.

Since we know the pro football gambling and its NFL gambling odds are consumer driven and based on mass public perception, we can use the masses for our own football gambling purposes and align ourselves with the sportsbooks and oddsmakers, developing a "Sportsbook Outlook" rather than the all-too-typical outlook of a mass member of the NFL gambling public.

To look at it another way nearly all pro fans are losers, which is why there are so many sportsbooks that offer football gambling action. So why would any sane and intelligent person want to align themselves with the same mentality as the mass NFL gambling losers? When you think about it, nobody would.

So just as we want to first consider the underdogs listed on the pro NFL gambling boards we also want to consider the mentality of the masses gambling on football, and jump aboard in OPPOSITION! And this is where the value search criteria come into play.

For example, when a team loses its starting quarterback the masses that are gambling on football immediately fall into panic mode and jump all over the other NFL team in NFL gambling odds, regardless of the other merits involved.

The backup quarterback may very well be competent, if not better than some other starters in the league, but the football gambling masses don't think of that, or the several other factors that go into a competent handicapping job when looking at odds. They just fall out over the quarterback being hurt, and the NFL gambling money flows towards the opposition.

Now if you are thinking like an oddsmaker, you will immediately know this, and realize that, more often than not, the pro lines will be artificially high against the team that lost their signal caller.

This means for NFL gambling fans that if such teams are strong overall, with good defense, special teams, coaching, and other offensive skill position players, they will overcome the injury and find a way to win anyway.

Further, the opponent may not be all that strong of a team in NFL gambling odds, and could even lose their edge thinking that the game won't be as difficult without the starting quarterback to deal with. When a football gambling player considers the team that LOST the QB, he "gets it."