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AFL Football Betting at Sports Gambling

Football betting is available at Sports Gambling. We offer the latest Arena online football betting odds.

The Arena Football League (AFL) began play in 1987 giving football betting fans action during the summer months. The online football betting on AFL began with just four teams and they played just a six game season in 1987. The league has consistently expanded since that first season and had 19 teams for the 2007 football betting season.

The Chicago Rush defeated the Orlando Predators to win Arena Bowl XX in 2006. Arena Bowl XXI will be played in New Orleans and should provide excellent Football betting. Those Arena football betting gamblers that consider Arena football scores should know that the Arena football field is 85 feet wide and 50 yards long with eight-yard end zones.

Goal posts are nine-feet wide with a crossbar height of 15 feet. There are also rebound nets that are 30 feet wide by 32 feet high. The official football is the same size and weight as the National Football League ball. There are eight players on offense and defense in the Arena Football League. The teams have a 20-man active roster and a four-man inactive roster.

Online football betting are similar to NFL odds except that totals are much higher since the field is smaller and rules favor offense. Arena online football betting are available during the summer months and give gamblers another betting option other than baseball.

Arena football odds are volatile and move a great deal because odds makers usually don’t have solid Football betting lines like they would in the NFL. If you look at Arena football scores you will see that a score of 61-55 is not unusual and odds like -4 with a total of 105 in Online football betting are common.

Take a look at Online football betting and you will likely see totals of 100 or more on a regular basis. Arena Football scores and Arena football odds got their first national TV exposure in 1998 when Arena Bowl XII was televised by ABC.

The year 2000 brought new interest to the AFL from regular fans as Kurt Warner was a former AFL player with the Iowa Barnstormers. Warner's story gave the league some great exposure and helped bring in a TV deal with TNN who carried the games live. In 2003 the AFL made a deal with NBC to televises games and that also helped.

The 2007 season brought ESPN to the table and they cover Arena football scores live on ESPN and ESPN 2 during the Arena season. The entrance of ESPN into the picture has made more popular especially since Monday night there is usually a nationally televised game.

Gamblers love TV action and Online football betting on Monday nights have become more popular.