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NFL Gambling Points to Avoid at Sports Gambling

An NFL gambling area to avoid when choosing a team that struggled in the previous football gambling season.

Just as it is important for a handicapper, when deciding the best NFL gambling tips, to try and anticipate potential surprise bargain NFL teams it is of equal importance to know where and what to avoid when preparing for each week of pro football gambling. A great place to start in NFL gambling as far as what you want to be careful with is with the defending Super Bowl champions.

While there may be some times in which you end up with them, for the most part, the defending champs will often end up as overlays because of their popularity and reputation with the football gambling masses, who tend to gravitate towards the good NFL teams anyway.

Another problem with the defending Super Bowl champions in NFL gambling is that they have a big fat target on them as all of the other teams in the league will be gunning for them, particularly at home in front of their own fans, who will be screaming for the head's of the champs.

Defending champions can count on almost always getting the very best shot of their opponents in NFL gambling stats, who put a lot of emphasis on such matchups. Fired the coach, and hired a new coach with no previous head coaching experience.

In this situation you have the double whammy of a poor team along with an inexperienced coach that is not used to being the head man, and who may get discouraged early with the losing. Players may also have less natural respect for such coaches, and not have as much of an edge as they would with a proven winner in NFL gambling stats.

The previous season's Super Bowl loser is another potential trap for NFL gambling fans to fall into. The 2005 Philadelphia Eagles proved that in spades, as have other past Super Bowl losers in NFL gambling stats.

The problem with Super Bowl losers in that they are still considered quality NFL teams and have a “name brand” effect, yet most of them do not get back to the Super Bowl and, in fact, often backslide. NFL teams that were stagnant during the offseason and made no dramatic improvements are also teams to likely avoid.

Such NFL teams usually end up having the rest of the league pass them by, at least those teams that made the effort to better themselves. Stagnation is no way to succeed in the NFL or in pro football gambling.