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Football Gambling Snubs Snobs at Sports Gambling

If you have been involved in football gambling for any length of time you most certainly have been exposed to one of the many NFL gambling snobs.

These are football gambling so-called experts that tout their opinion on TV, newspaper, radio etc.  These so-called football gambling experts are snobs because they look down upon those who approach NFL gambling with a unique perspective and thought process.

You have to remember in football gambling that the more someone dislikes an idea, the better chance it has of winning against lines.  One of the topics in that gets the so-called experts to run their mouths is the money line.  The first thing people say about the money line is that there is no value.

What they fail to remember is that there is no value in a losing play.  Sometimes the money line is valuable because it turns losing plays into winning plays against NFL gambling odds.  The goal in football gambling is to win, period.

One of the reasons that the money line gets very little attention from players is that people don’t understand real gambling value.  Many experts thing value is nothing more than a double digit underdog in football gambling. To the few who actually win money at NFL gambling, however, value is when they win money.

That is what value is all about in football gambling.  You need to win money.  How you go about that is up to you, but the money line is one way to do it. If you can understand that value is not always taking the big underdog then you have a chance to win at football gambling.

Most times when talking about the money line people look to the underdog in odds but more often than not the money line is better used by betting favorites.  It is sometimes expensive and unattractive to bet money line favorites in football gambling, but it can work.

The next time you hear some so-called expert talking about and that there is no value in a money line bet you ask him how it felt to win the game outright but not cover the line.  That should keep him quiet for awhile.  Remember that money lines in can be an effective betting tool.

Don’t just ignore them because the so-called experts don’t recommend playing them.  There are no experts when it comes to football gambling and anyone that says otherwise is wrong.

Your ideas and opinions work just as well as those that have gambled on NFL gambling lines for 50 years.