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Football Gambling Money Line at Sports Gambling

Do you know how to get around the bad beats you continually suffer in football gambling? One way is the NFL gambling money line.

Instead of laying points you are now laying money and you don’t have to worry about the football gambling pointspread.  We have all had money on the favorite that had the game sewed away and locked up only to allow a meaningless score late in the fourth quarter that ruins our NFL gambling lines. This is what is known as the “bad beat” and it seems as if far too many football gambling players are the weekly victim of the “bad beat".

Bad beats often occur because the favorite doesn’t cover the football betting lines.  Most of the time people like to lay points in football gambling.  That leads to more bad beats because every week some of the football gambling favorites are going to give up cheap late scores and not cover the football betting lines.

The oddsmakers know that people like to bet on football gambling favorites and they often tack on to the NFL gambling odds, particularly on home favorites and that is what most NFL gambling players will bet on. One way to get around laying these points is by playing the football gambling money line.

With the money line, unlike traditional football betting lines, all a gambler has to do is pick the straight up winner of the game. There is no pointspread involved but instead you lay more money. For example, instead of laying seven points a gambler can lay -$300 to win $100 instead. This gets expensive but it sure does take the bad beat out of the equation when laying points against football betting lines.

It also makes things easier in terms of handicapping because you are only picking the straight up winner in football gambling. Many professional gamblers use the money line exclusively in their NFL gambling.  Most of the time in NFL gambling the straight up winner of the game also covers the football gambling spread.

The money line is a good way to bet when you are talking about NFL games. Probably the most common criticism of the money line, from mainstream handicappers, football gambling players, and others is that there is no value in money line wagering.  That is not always true.

You can tell people that talk about value in terms of football gambling money lines that there is no value in a loser.  The money line often turns an NFL betting spread loser into a straight up winner and that is the goal.  You want to win, period.

Remember that if the so-called experts think something is not worth playing in football gambling then you definitely want to consider it because there are no experts when it comes to football gambling.