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Football Gambling Home Field Factor at Sports Gambling

What is home field advantage in Football gambling really worth as you look at NFL gambling lines?

Home field advantage is not always the same in football gambling.  It changes from week to week and you must take that into consideration as you look at the odds. Early in the season home field advantage is pretty much the same but it is not the three points that everyone believes.  For the first half of the NFL gambling season it is really only about a point and a half.

It is when the second half of the football gambling season gets going that the number rises and continues to rise every week.  This makes some sense since by the halfway mark of the season we have a pretty good idea of each team’s strength and as the week’s progress that knowledge gets even better.  Many football gambling promotions consider home field advantage.

We saw that the NFL home field advantage started off at 1.5 points but it goes up fast as the football gambling season progresses.  In the last few weeks it jumps up about a point per week until it ends at over 6 points per game in Week #17.  The home field advantage early in the season is really not that great against odds.  Later in the season it is a huge advantage.

There are quite a few reasons for this as you look at football gambling lines and consider football gambling promotions.  Early in the football gambling year every team has hope for a winning season.  Until you reach the three quarter mark of the season, most teams still think they can make something of their season.

Once you hit week #12 a lot of the positioning for the playoffs begins to take shape and football gambling players really separate the contenders.  Another NFL gambling factor that points to heavier home field advantages later in the season is the travel.  Early in the year teams are fresh, later in the year they get worn out and travel is not as easy.

Another football gambling factor late in the year is the weather. Later in the season the weather at a number of these stadiums is a big factor.  It adds to the home field edge as you look at odds.

When looking at lines early in the season and considering football gambling promotions we want to remember that home teams do not have the three point edge that the football gambling oddsmakers automatically build into the line.  We also need to remember that later in the year the advantage is much more than 3 points in football gambling odds.

Early in the football gambling year teams are more evenly matched, while later in the year the effects of a long season will have begun to separate the NFL teams.  Keep these things in mind this football gambling season and they may help you as you look at NFL betting lines.