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NFL Gambling Coaching Angles at Sports Gambling

NFL gambling season is very much of a 'player's league'. Coaching is important, but don’t determine wins and losses in football gambling.

Mike Holmgren had the same experience at Seattle. After leaving Green Bay, where he won two conference titles and one Super Bowl, Holmgren needed six seasons to win the NFC title and reward NFL gambling players. He incurred many struggles and the wrath of fans and NFL gambling players before getting it together.

As is the case with their NBA brethren, NFL coaches, even the top shelf ones, often cannot make bad teams win over the long run and you want to remember that when you get involved in NFL gambling. Even Bill Parcells has had his share of struggles with each team that he coached and although he eventually improved each team, it took time and was not a guarantee.

We know that the NFL is a “player's” league but there are things that we as NFL gambling players can look at in regards to coaching.  Sometimes we have coaching advantages or disadvantages on the NFL gambling boards that we can use to our benefit as we consider NFL betting stats.

The first advantage in terms of coaching should be the most obvious in NFL gambling. A proven veteran coach against a new coach who is just taking over what is likely a struggling team is worth a play in NFL gambling.

Such matchups on the NFL gambling card are definitely worth considering because you have the edge not only of a better coach, but that better coach going against a struggling team and a new NFL head coach. It is also important not to overreact to anything in coaching as you consider NFL gambling.

A head coach with a proven track record that takes over a new team will need time to make his impact felt.  Just because a coach like Belichick or Parcells takes over a team does not mean they will immediately win.  They should win over time, but maybe not right away.  Remember that as you consider football betting advice.

Coaching angles in the NFL are worth considering but they are not a given to making money in NFL gambling.  The best players in the NFL usually win and that is where you want to focus your time and energy for your NFL gambling.

Coaching angles are interesting and sometimes profitable, but you need other NFL betting stats if you want to win money at NFL gambling.