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Which Ohio State Quarterback Has the Best 2015 Heisman Odds?

The debate over who should be the starting quarterback for Ohio State in 2015 is expected to be very strong. Cardale Jones led the team at the end to a national title but J.T. Barrett was critical for much of last year as Braxton Miller was injured. One thing is for certain in that all three quarterbacks have good odds to win the Heisman Trophy.

Right now J.T. Barrett has the best odds to win the Heisman. He has +900 odds to win it this coming year. Barrett’s spread offense skills fit in perfectly with the system Urban Meyer has put in place. Barrett is also noteworthy for going through even the toughest lines of protection when scrambling.

Cardale Jones cannot be ignored though. He currently has +1200 college football betting odds to win the top honor. Jones has been heralded for his strong arm and efficient scrambling skills that were critical in many short yardage situations late in the season.

Naturally, Braxton Miller has been out for a while and this has hurt his standing as he has a +3300 line to win the Heisman. However, Miller is expected to be converted to be a running back or wide receiver. Miller has been known to mirror various defensive movements and has a knack for responding to quick situations on the fly.

One thing is for certain that regardless of which quarterback has the best odds, they aren’t the favorites to win the 2015 Heisman. Their fellow running team teammate Ezekiel Elliott and TCU quarterback Trevone Boykin are both the favorites with +500 odds each from our NCAA football gambling experts. Of course, there is a potential for Elliott to shine as a good receiving option for any of these quarterbacks although Elliott’s impressive speed and versatility could cause him to outshine any of the Buckeyes’ quarterbacking options.

The possibility of someone from Ohio State winning the 2015 Heisman Trophy is very strong. The options that are open will certainly be interesting for all fans of the game to watch for.