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Futures Odds for the 2014 NCAA College Football Season

The 2014 NCAA college football season is certainly going to be interesting, what with there being a new playoff system coming with four teams at the end of the season. There are many noteworthy lines to take a look at with regards to what the season will entail.

All of these odds are as of August 11, 2014 and may be subject to change. Remember to check out all of the current odds from Sports-Gambling sportsbook.

Who's Favored To Win?

With there being four teams in a playoff system for the national championship, the potential for any side to win could really be wide open. Florida State and returning Heisman Trophy winner Jameis Winston are favored to repeat as national championships this year with a +520 line to win it all.

Alabama might have lost in the Iron Bowl in a dramatic fashion last year but the Crimson Tide are still a good runner-up for the title. The Tide has +710 odds of winning the national title.

One interesting point is that Michigan State has +3050 odds while Ohio State is at +1225. Michigan State took out the Buckeyes in a convincing fashion last year late in the season and started the Bucks' decline in the postseason.

Oregon has +1025 odds to win it all, thus making the Ducks the best shot from the west coast to win it all. This comes even after left tackle Tyler Johnstone tore his ACL once again.

Even though Central Florida came out of nowhere to win their BCS game after winning the AAC title last year, the Knights are not listed in most sportsbooks. They are listed as a Field bet at +1200.

What About the Conferences?

Alabama is the +160 favorite for the SEC title with Auburn and South Carolina coming in at +520. Georgia may be a bigger threat with running back Todd Gurley being fully healthy and a potential Heisman candidate. The Bulldogs have +730 odds for winning the SEC title. Oddsmakers are not all that keen on Texas A&M as the Aggies get into life beyond Johnny Manziel. The Aggies are only isted at +5050 to win the SEC title.

While Oregon has +110 odds for winning the Pac-12, UCLA and USC are not too far behind with a respective +310 and +560. The Trojans are hoping to make it back into the national stage after being gone for so long following a series of NCAA sanctions in the last few years.

For the Big Ten, Ohio State is the +125 favorite to win with Michigan State at +390. Wisconsin is at +470 although Joel Stave and Tanner McEvoy are both competing for the big job at quarterback.

Florida State is the -260 favorite to win in the ACC. Louisville, which is heading into the ACC, has +1375 odds and may be in a decline, what with the Cardinals leaving the AAC and with Teddy Bridgewater leaving early for the NFL. Duke only has +3250 odds in spite of David Cutcliffe's strong coaching work last year.

The only conference where there really seems to be a true shoo-in for winning the title is Conference USA. Marshall is the -400 favorite for that one with Texas-San Antonio coming in at +810 with 37 seniors returning.

Other Notables

There are many other noteworthy bets to see. The over/under for the number of wins that Penn State is expected to get has been set at 7.5. This comes amid concerns over motivation for a Nittany Lions team that is still postseason-ineligible and Bill O'Brien heading out for a coaching job in the NFL.

Alabama also has an over/under at 10.5 but Florida State's 11.5 is the highest such total in all of college football. For those looking at the other end of the spectrum, Virginia and Purdue only slated to get 3.5 wins while California is slated at only 2.5 wins for the year.

The highest odds that are listed for any side is at +50000 for many teams that are extreme longshots to win their conferences. These include such teams as Wake Forest, Rutgers and California.

Meanwhile, while the Mountain West and AAC are not the most glamorous conferences, they are also the only two where there are no teams that have odds of +10000 or more for winning their divisions. For the MWC, Boise State, Fresno State and Utah State are expected to be the biggest competitors with all having odds below +400. Central Florida and Cincinnati both have +185 odds to win in the AAC but Houston and East Carolina are also looking to compete.

Finally, Appalachian State is expected to struggle as the Mountaineers move from being an FCS powerhouse to playing in the big time. The side has +10100 odds for winning the Sun Belt title, a title that is heavily expected to go to Louisiana-Lafayette.

These are all interesting odds to see for the 2014 NCAA football season. These college football futures odds are almost guaranteed to change but it is interesting to see how these are all going to go along this year.