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Does Anyone In the Big Ten Have a Shot Against Ohio State?

The Ohio State Buckeyes are clear favorites to win the 2015 Big Ten title. The Buckeyes have a -300 win and this is even with there being a real uncertainty as to who the team’s quarterback will be. Still, there are a few teams in the Big Ten that are hoping to take back the conference and possibly get into the four-team playoff picture.

Two Real Contenders

There are two noteworthy contenders for the Big Ten title this year. Michigan State has a +700 line while Wisconsin is at +800.

Michigan State will be bringing back Connor Cook, a quarterback who could be a real Heisman candidate this coming year. In fact, the Spartans’ November 21 game with the Buckeyes is being seen as a de-facto Big Ten championship game of sorts.

Meanwhile, Wisconsin will have Corey Clement come in as the team’s top new running back now that Melvin Gordon has gone off to the NFL. Clement had nearly a thousand rushing yards last year while Gordon has nearly 2,600. The Badgers won’t be playing the Buckeyes or Spartans but they will play Alabama on September 5.

What About Michigan?

Fed up with constantly losing to Ohio State and playing below expectations, Michigan has pulled out the big guns and brought in Jim Harbaugh as the team’s new coach. The Wolverines have moved up to a +1600 gambling line to win the Big Ten title. The Wolverine will take on the Buckeyes on November 28 at the Horseshoe.

Penn State’s Comeback

The Penn State Nittany Lions are making a real comeback and have a +2500 line to win this year. The Lions, who will take on the Buckeyes on October 17, feature Christian Hackenberg, a quarterback who has been in the Heisman circle for quite a bit this offseason.

The possibility for Ohio State to win the Big Ten title in 2015 is very strong. Of course, there will be plenty of competition going along as the Buckeyes have the big bullseye on their backs this year.