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NCAA Football

College football betting and live NCAA football odds. offers up to initial deposit bonus for college football gambling.

NCAA college football gambling is truly an American treasure and anyone that has ever tried betting on college football will surely tell you the same thing. What makes college football betting so exciting is that NCAA football is so unpredictable. Even to the untrained sports gambling eye, a simple glance at the college football betting odds should make this apparent.


NFL football betting odds are usually set once the line is out with point spreads ranging from three or four points. However in college football betting, it is not at all uncommon to see a team -30 in NCAA football odds. That amount of points would blow the mind of a pro football bettor but it is nothing out of the ordinary for college football betting fans.

Such huge point spreads, as any college football wagering fan can attest are more often than not the norm for the college football betting. Whereas the pro football betting tends to be very controlled and calculated, anything seems to go in NCAA football gambling.

A score of 65-0? Happens all the time in college football betting and that's exactly why fans are so crazy to place a college football bet. But placing a college football bet is about more than just trying to gamble on a long shot college football betting spread. No, college football betting is more a feeling.

The excitement and the emotion that surrounds any college football game is far more interesting that you will find at the professional level. Fans have a real passion for college football betting teams and that is probably the greatest single factor in differentiating the two types of football betting.

The college football betting represents a history and tradition and pride, something that is not all that common these days at the pro level.

The connection to a university team is obviously much greater for most fans than to a pro team because a university team may represent much more than football, but also a connection to that person as former student an alumni. And no matter how hard the pro game tries it can never come close to rivaling that sentiment.

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