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College Football Gambling Power Up at Sports Gambling

In college football gambling, you simply cannot make a living at taking the power teams all the time, particularly as home NCAA football gambling overlays.

One of the most common and costly mistakes made in college football gambling, particularly by the clueless and shallow masses, is to simply take the traditional college football gambling power/name brand teams such as Miami, Notre Dame, USC, Oklahoma, Alabama, and Texas all the time, particularly as home chalks, no matter how many NCAA football gambling points that they are laying.

Now everybody wants to take the better team in a college football gambling match up, that's obvious. But sometimes it is better to simply walk away and ignore the game altogether than force an overlay that is a rip-off and offers no value.

There is a way, however, to take quality teams in college football gambling and to actually extract value from them and that is when they are either road dogs or when they are small chalks against another good team.

As ironic as it may sound, it is often easier to handicap a college football betting game between two good teams than it is on a mismatch in which the college football gambling line will most certainly be jacked up to rip off proportions.

When two good teams match up against each other, you get a more “honest” line than you do when a traditional power is hosting a traditional doormat, which ignites overlays. An excellent example of quality college football gambling dogs comes from the 2005 season, both times at the hands of the Virginia Tech Hokies.

Virginia Tech was undefeated and on a roll towards a BCS bowl and, potentially, the national championship game when they prepared to host Miami on a Saturday Night ESPN national broadcast that was billed as the biggest game in the school's history. Miami, a traditional power and name brand team was struggling a bit and the masses were down on them, and all over Virginia Tech.

The game was considered a forgone conclusion except for one problem; Miami dominated the Hokies and won the game with going away as the road dog. In the ACC championship game, Virginia Tech hosted down and out Florida State, a traditional power that seemed to have slipped a notch and was now large underdog.

And a large underdog that bit the Hokies, and a lot of shallow gamblers, in the rear and won the game straight up to capture the league crown and BCS bowl bid.