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College Football Gambling Potential at Sports Gambling

When a handicapper first looks at the college football gambling board, he can feel overwhelmed with so many teams and games to do NCAA football gambling.

Unfortunately, too many college football gambling fans make the fatal mistake of trying to micro-analyze all of the games and teams and they end up confused and kill of their ability to make good decisions. They know too much. Yes, you can know too much in college football gambling, just as in life, and those that do end up with a paralysis of analysis.

A far more effective way to approach the NCAA football gambling weekend is to know what you believe and wait for the teams and games to fit YOUR criteria. To put it another way, let the winners come to you!

There is some college football gambling rules that you can use, which will help you quickly whittle down the list of games NCAA football gambling on the board and point you to a few select and top shelf wagering candidates. First, don't place too much stock in what happened in the previous week.

Yes, college football betting is an emotional game but these players are young and forget and move on fast. They are resilient and not going to dwell on a bad beat or miracle win. Focus on the overall picture rather than one game or event.

It is good to avoid going against a team with a better defense in college football gambling, even if you are taking a team with a far better offense. A good NCAA football gambling defensive team can hang within the number as a dog, and keep a team in a game that has a small number.

It can be frustrating trying to cover a lay against such teams. Avoid laying points to teams that have excellent passing attacks. That is a great way to get yourself involved in a “bad beat” by suffering a “backdoor cover.” Any team with comeback potential is a team you don't want to be laying points against.

Be weary of laying points against a traditional power. That is often when these teams are at their most dangerous and most valuable role on the college football gambling boards. Traditional powers are often insulted and extra motivated when they are made dogs, and many times will bite the overlay.