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College Football Gambling Appeal at Sports Gambling

For many college football gambling fans, there is truly nothing more enjoyable than NCAA football gambling.

Right from the start, one of the features of college football gambling that makes guys fall in love with it is the sheer volume and variety. It has something for everyone. There are 118 division 1-A teams that are regularly on the college football gambling board and usually over 45 games or more to select from each weekend.

Unlike the sterile NFL, college teams will run a wide variety of offenses, defenses, and playing styles that offer NCAA football gambling fans and gamblers striking and interesting contrasts. While pro football gambling may be more popular and bring in a lot more money and customers, college football cannot be matched as far as the love that gamblers have for it.

To its participants, every college football gambling Saturday morning is literally like a kid waking up on Christmas. Pro football gambling attracts the masses, the casual fan, the fans of just one team. Pro football, both as a spectator sport and as a gambling activity, is more of a pastime for the masses.

NCAA football gambling, however, is more of a passion, more of a heart and soul type ordeal. Obviously, most football bettors will take action both in college and pro football but they will tell you the college football gambling is far more enjoyable due to its variety, excitement, tradition, and better opportunities for weak gambling lines.

The excitement of college football simply cannot be matched by the corporate and atypical sameness of the NFL. NCAA football gambling is the ultimate game of emotion and passion, which produces incredible upsets and memorable results, offering a great handicapping challenge. The game's tradition plays right into making college football gambling something special.

Ancient rivalries often live up to the saying about “tossing out the records” and offer outstanding handicapping challenges all to themselves.

Due to those 118 teams and all of those games, it is easier for a handicapper to find value and favorable lines on the college football gambling board, making for a better success and profit potential for bettors than they could ever get in NFL gambling.