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College Football Gambling Dicey at Sports Gambling

There are few challenges as tough in all of college football gambling than coming out of September alive in.

Another quirk about college football gambling in September that makes it more difficult than pro football gambling is that there are considerably more college football gambling mismatches on the schedule in the season's opening month.

Most BCS schools try and load up on “cupcakes” in September, playing weak teams from smaller non-BCS conferences in the season's first month in the attempt to pad their online college football gambling records to enhance their bowl viability and to build up confidence heading into the conference schedule.

Coaches are getting fired in college football with far greater frequency for far less reason than in the past and, thus, the mentors are loathe to play any tough non conference games stating that league play is difficult enough and that they don't want any certain losses in September.

Unlike pro football where the teams, players, systems, and coaches are all better known, which makes for easier handicapping at the start of the season, college football betting teams are often a mystery in September and gamblers are wise not to “step out” too far in the season's opening month of play.

The first great challenge in September is getting a handle on a team's personnel and talent level/ability. Unlike the pros, where the majority of the players are known and returning, college football has tremendous roster and lineup turnover, with many starters being previously unknown.

It takes a good month, at least, for a gambler to get a handle on a team's new capabilities with their replacement players.

Despite the overload of September college football gambling mismatches there is still peril for gamblers however, as often times the better known BCS college football gambling teams are home overlays against their lesser known opponents, even if the BCS team has a lot of new players that are unproven.

This is one of the great perils of preseason, trying to establish what are overlays and what are legitimate chalks with value.

The most successful participants in college football gambling turn hot as the weather turns cool, and don't expose their bankrolls to needless risk in September as the real college football gambling money is made in October and November once the reality of each team has been revealed.