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College Football Gambling Less at Sports Gambling

College football gambling can be overwhelming, with around 45 games or more each week, that makes for over 90 NCAA football gambling side possibilities.

The volume of teams and games in college football gambling can easily be a problem for a handicapper. Or it can be turned into a NCAA football gambling positive. How? Because with all of those teams and games come more college football gambling opportunities for better value, bargains, and weak lines and, with all of that, a better chance to make money.

Less is more in college football gambling. Less work and fewer games bet will, more often than not, equate to more profit. If you enter a typical week of college football gambling thinking that it is a good idea to micro-analyze every game on the board then you are heading down the wrong path.

Instead of trying to handicap each game in detail you should already know what you are looking for ahead of time. This means that you should develop a sense of criteria and methodology that makes the games on the board come to you, rather than you having to go on time consuming hunts for games that you like.

To put it another way, instead of being a hunter, be a breeder. Breed your own winner’s right on your own ranch and save your time and effort that would have otherwise be wasted by creating a set of winning criteria and principles.

When you get your list of serious college football gambling candidates keep in mind what your poker playing brethren always say; the more hands that you play, the worse that you are going to do.

NCAA football gambling, with its volume of games available to bettors, is one of the ultimate sports to wager on for those with the self discipline to be selective. You don't have to play bad hands, you can find your pocket aces, so to speak, each week with all of those games to chose from.

Unlike pro football gambling, college football gambling will offer significantly more high percentage plays to those who know where to look and who are choosy.

The more selective that a bettor is, and the fewer games that he plays the higher percentage of games and money his is going to win. So, like in poker, don't be afraid to muck ANY game that is less than a premium quality bet.