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College Football Gambling Injuries

One of the key elements of college football gambling to take into account is injuries, particularly to key NCAA football gambling personnel.

Success at college football gambling comes with a balanced approach and analysis. When a gambler makes NCAA football gambling based mostly on an injury report, he is often shortchanging himself and purchasing a disadvantage.

Often times, in fact, the real college football gambling value is to stay with the team that has the injury, as the odds makers know how the masses will react, or make that overreact.

Far to many bettors are influenced to disproportionate levels when the injury reports come out, as they tend to overreact and throw money away betting against teams with one or two high profile injuries, without taking into account the fact that they still may be a good team, still be facing a weak opponent, and may also be a team that has a lot of depth and balance.

The stories in college football gambling of how teams overcome key injuries and go on to win anyway are legendary. In fact, many times, the replacement players end up as starters and do not return to the bench.

Many times a team, particularly if it is well coached, well use the injury as a rallying cry and pitch in with more of a cohesive effort, which adds to the value on the college football betting lines. Injuries can also have the affect of helping transform a traditional power or “name brand” team into a rare value.

Since such teams get the most intensive media coverage in college football, when one of their key players goes down it has a ripple effect on the college football gambling lines because more of the mass public will find out about it and react to it.

This will often drive the price of the team down and you still will get the benefit of a name brand power team at a bargain price.

Keep in mind your traditional powers reload, rather than rebuild, each season with roster turnover and eligibility issues, which means that they have a successful habit of overcoming personnel changes and have a lot of depth on the bench, which means that they can better cope with key injuries.

When a gambler reacts to an injury by wagering exclusively on that information, he becomes like the rest of the college football gambling masses, which means he is acting like asses. Injuries are just one of many factors to consider when handicapping.