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College Football Betting Teams at Sports Gambling

College football betting is the only sport where a playoff system is not used to determine a National Championship.

The Bowl Championship Series determines which college football betting teams play in the National Championship game. The AP and Coaches' polls, computer rankings, strength of schedule and performance against other top college football betting teams were combined into a formula that determined which college football odds teams meet in the title game.

The formula does not always work. In 2003 USC did not play in the BCS College football betting national Champions game, despite finishing the regular season as #1 in both the AP and coaches polls. The BCS formula had Oklahoma ranked #1 at the end of the regular season with LSU #2.

Oklahoma played LSU in the College football betting national champions game and LSU won the BCS title game giving them the BCS title and #1 ranking in the coaches' poll but USC was #1 in the AP poll. That resulted in a split national championship.

The College football betting stats formula was changed a bit in 2004 but again had trouble as Auburn was left out of the national Champions game. USC ended up beating Oklahoma to win the title for fans. In 2002 and 2005 there were only two undefeated College football betting teams at the end of the season.

In 2002 Ohio State upset the University of Miami Hurricanes for fans, while in 2005 Texas beat USC for College football betting fans. According to NCAA college football betting stats there have been many college football teams that have won the college football national title.

Before 1901 the national title was dominated by teams that are now members of the Ivy League. Yale and Princeton each hold claim to as many as 24 national championships according to College football betting stats. College football betting stats show that Yale's last title was in 1927 and Princeton's was in 1935.

Notre Dame had had the most national championships with 17, Alabama 13, Yale 13, Princeton 12, and USC 10. Fans that are looking into the future see that it is likely that the BCS will eventually come up with a mini-playoff system where at least four College football betting teams are involved to determine a National Championship.

That should end the debate among many as to which College football teams deserve the title of College football betting national champions.