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College Football Betting Contrasts at Sports Gambling

There is a marked college football betting contrast between the masses of NCAA football betting and the pros that actually succeed and turn a profit at it.

To better illustrate the differences between the college football betting masses and the winners lets look at their different perspectives and answers to the same problems that everyone will confront in college football betting. When a traditional power such as Michigan, Tennessee or Alabama hosts a lesser known but solid opponent, the NCAA football betting masses will, of course, flock to the “name brand” and make the overlay.

The winners will likely be on the other side, however, taking those extra points and the bargain value, siding WITH the NCAA betting sportsbooks and oddsmakers who jacked up the line on the home chalk to meet consumer demands of the masses. Remember the college football betting season opener between Alabama Birmingham and Tennessee.

Tennessee, a perennial Southeastern Conference title contender and playing at home in front of well over 100,000 fans hosted little known UAB of Conference USA.

UAB was a solid program and UT was known for being a horrific overlay by knowledgeable gamblers but the masses didn't care, they “heard” of Tennessee and knew that they bowled every season and that they had this huge stadium with overflow crowds. What was UAB?

And of course Alabama Birmingham not only covered the spread, they nearly scored an outright straight up upset. Another great example of the masses against the winners was a couple of nights before that UAB-UT matchup when Steve Spurrier made his much anticipated college football betting return, taking over at South Carolina.

Spurrier's Gamecocks met the reputedly woeful Central Florida Knights, who were winless in the previous season. South Carolina is another SEC school with a rabid and large fan base and their stadium was packed in eager anticipation, while online and Vegas sportsbooks were getting hammered with big time cash on USC.

The “smart money,” however, was on Central Florida as they were a tremendous bargain value that covered the game with ease. It doesn't take much to figure out what the masses are thinking. Just watch ESPN and surf the net.

See how the different games are being spun and prepare to oppose the hype, as you will also oppose the masses in the process and be on the sportsbook's side.