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College Football Lines at Sports Gambling

If you are looking at college football lines you may want to keep in mind that games will be longer and NCAA football lines will be more exciting.

Why are these things important as you look at college football lines and make NCAA football picks?  Changing the timing back to where it was will make it so there are about 13 more plays in the game, meaning college football betting totals will be higher and more favorites will cover the NCAA football lines.

The clock won’t start after kickoffs anymore because it was very unpopular among college coaches.  In regards to the kickoffs, the yard line has been moved back to the 30 yard line which is the same as the NFL yard line.

That should mean more kick returns and more scoring as you look at college football lines and make NCAA football picks against the NCAA football odds. Some college football betting players think the kickoff yard line move will definitely increase scoring because it will reduce touchbacks and create more long returns.

College football head coaches seem to agree.  "It's going to be one of the most significant rule changes to come about in recent years, maybe in a decade," Kentucky coach Rich Brooks said. Last season only about one in five kickoffs resulted in touchbacks. In the SEC it was three in 10. In the Big 12, it was closer to four in 10.

"My guess is it will be more like 10 to 15 yards of field position," Georgia head coach Mark Richt said, "because that kickoff return is going to create a lot more space." Kansas State's Ron Prince said, "You're going to see a lot more teams starting out at the 40-yard line. Or even the 50.

You're going to have a short field to defend much more often." College kickoffs had come from the kicking team's 35 since 1986, when the spot was moved back from the 40. The return rate jumped from 60.3% to 77% the next season and 78% the year after that.

College football betting lines players know that the average length of major-college games was cut down from 3 hours, 21 minutes in 2005 to 3:07 last year. But with that came about 13 fewer plays, 66 fewer offensive yards and five fewer points a game for college football betting players to consider as they looked at college football lines.

As you look at college football lines this year and make NCAA football picks you need to remember that the rules are back to the way they were and that means more scoring and higher NCAA football odds and totals.

It will also mean that college football lines will be shaded more toward the favorite and to the over as NCAA football lines are adjusted.  This is very important to remember as you look at NCAA football odds this season.