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College Football Gambling Value

The worse college football gambling program was the Temple Owls. NCAA football gambling on Temple is so putrid that the Big East kicked them out.

Yet as incredibly bad as college football gambling was between 2000-2004, (with a record of 15-42 straight up), Temple actually MADE MONEY against the college football gambling lines by going 30-24-1 against the spread! To put it another way, Temple is no Cadillac, but even a used Yugo can bring some NCAA football gambling value to to bargain hunters.

During that 2000-2004 span Temple went a strong 16-7 against the college football gambling spread as underdogs, which illustrates an important college football gambling fact. The mass public will always oppose teams like Temple with their better known and respected home chalk opponents.

This means that as rotten as Temple is, they will actually often bring ADDED VALUE as a road dog because they are the type of team that the masses will “step out” against. Temple, in essence, is an oddsmaker mentality type team, as the men who set the line will give the Owls more points than they deserve to attract action their way.

Usually that action comes from sharp college football bettors as the masses are too afraid and ignorant of college football gambling value to grab the extra points and bargain that Temple consistently offers. A great college football gambling example of how this works comes from Temple's dreadful 2005 season, an abomination if there ever was one.

The Owls dropped their first two games of 2005 by scores of 16-63 at Arizona State and 0-65 at Wisconsin. All this did was ENHANCE their value on the college football betting boards as those annihilation losses were so graphic that they caught the masses' attention.

After going 0-4 straight up and 2-2 against the spread in their next four college football gambling games the Owls met the ultimate name brand national powerhouse, Miami, who was installed as a whopping 43.5-point chalk as the oddsmakers could read the college football gambling “mass reaction” before it even occurred.

Temple covered the game with ease in a 7-38 loss. In their next game at Clemson, another “name brand” team, the oddsmakers made the Tigers a 37-point overlay, which Temple covered in a 7-37 loss and a demonstration of value betting.