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College Football Gambling Trumps NFL in Fun at Sports Gambling

College football gambling kicks pro football gambling's rear. The experience is different and more enjoyable. NCAA football gambling is better.

Waking up on a college football gambling Saturday is like being a kid on Christmas morning. The college football gambling possibilities are endless, as normally there are 45 games OR MORE to choose from, which means 90 or more teams to potentially wager on, not to mention over under NCAA football gambling possibilities.

Just as exciting, there are multiple games running from morning to midnight at different times, offering gamblers constant and non stop excitement.

You will notice on Sunday, when you watch and bet on the NFL gambling card, that the college games provoked more excitement and anticipation and you may likely find yourself bored on NFL Sunday, after all that a college football gambling Saturday has to offer.

With all of the games and teams involved in college football the possibilities for parlays and teasers is also more enjoyable. The possibilities seem infinite and, in practical reality, they are. College football betting offers a variety of teams, styles, abilities, and strategies that pro football simply can never hope to match.

Every pro team basically runs the same offense and defense and does the same thing on 3rd and 10 or 2nd and 5 and in the final two minutes. Only the uniforms really help a fan or gambler tell the teams apart.

That is not the case in college football gambling, however, as you have teams that throw, run the option, use stone age offenses, pro offenses, and even the wishbone. The variety makes for fantastic handicapping challenges that many in college football gambling believe can give a bettor more of an edge.

You will also notice that in college football gambling, the participants are better mannered, and more serious about their craft. In NFL gambling, there is a much more profane and hooligan type element, as well as more of a mass ignorance and idiocy with “fans” that you will not see as much of in college football gambling.

Many a pro football junkie has had a unique transformation when visiting Vegas on a football weekend, they ended up loving college football gambling more, and understandably so.