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College Football Gambling Plan

You can take all of your knowledge of college football gambling and throw it right out if you don't manage and control your NCAA football gambling bankroll.

The participants of college football gambling have a love and passion for it that cannot be matched. One of the reasons that college football gambling is so special to these bettors is because of its variety, with 118 teams and usually 45 or more games each weekend to choose from. This variety can cause NCAA football gambling to be looked at in two ways.

College football gambling either has a lot of opportunity for value or it has a lot of opportunity for temptation that cannot be resisted or controlled. If you are like most gamblers, you are in it from Thursday Night through Monday night.

On a college football gambling Saturday, you obviously want to enjoy the day, make money, and then do it all over again on NFL gambling Sunday. But you would be amazed, as crazy as it sounds, at the number of gamblers that blow up their bankrolls on Saturday because they become out of control, and therefore never make it to Sunday.

The best way to approach a NCAA football gambling Saturday is to break it down in at least three, if not four segments. The first segment would start at 9 AM pacific time with the early round of games on cable and on the east coast.

The second segment would start around 12:30 PM pacific time with the nationally televised network games, along with games that are played in the Midwest. The third segment would start around 4 PM pacific time with the evening feature cable games.

The fourth and final segment would start around 7 PM pacific with the late west coast games. Some weekends, when we are lucky, we get the ultra-late Hawaii game just for good measure. A bettor should next take a look at his college football gambling bankroll and split it up, with roughly equal amounts that can be used for each segment.

It is important not to over-emphasize any college football gambling segment over the other. There may even be times when a gambler sits out a segment because there are no games that he is interested in.

That's a great time of day to grab a sandwich and your favorite beverage and just take in the excitement of college football, before action resumes later on.