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First Indicator of College Football Gambling at Sports Gambling

Let's get down analyzing college football gambling. A factor that trumps NCAA football gambling would be a team's head coach.

College football gambling is more of a player’s league; college football gambling may be the ultimate coach's sport. No other sport can match the importance of a coach to a team's fortunes than NCAA football gambling.

From a college football gambling perspective, the sooner that a handicapper gets the goods on a team's head coach, the sooner he will know the most important clues about how that team will do against the line. In NCAA college football, the head coach IS the program.

The head coach hires the assistants, directs the recruiting of all of the players, implements the on field strategy, (if not call the plays himself), sets the tone and priorities, and even decides on the uniforms. The head coach is the equivalent of the most powerful football man in the NFL as he has complete control.

He is the player personnel director as well as the head coach, a virtual dictator. And whether a program succeeds or fails is a direct reflection of his stewardship of those multiple roles that he plays. The most successful college football coaches can have a quick and lasting impact.

Jim Tressel of Ohio State, for example, wasted no time taking the Buckeyes to the next level of a national championship and, just as important in Columbus, making Michigan their bitch. And there is no sign that is going to change any time soon.

Pete Carroll took over a grossly underachieving team at USC and had them playing in three consecutive national championship games in short order. Mack Brown did a similar job at Texas, taking over an underachiever and taking it all the way to the top, routinely winning 10 games a year along the way.

Bob Stoops of Oklahoma woke up that sleeping giant and made it a respected national powerhouse and perennial title contender as did Nick Saban at LSU, before he departed for Miami of the NFL.

Unlike the NFL where even the best coaches can fail, they great ones always end up succeeding in the college ranks. There is truly no better place to start in college football gambling analysis than with the man at the top.