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College Football Gambling Losses at Sports Gambling

At one time we have all lost our cool and poise and began chasing losses with college football gambling double up bets or more.

While chasing losses in college football gambling is a recipe for trouble, in college football gambling it goes a step beyond that into a recipe for disaster. On a NCAA football gambling Saturday, with 45 or more games to wager on both side and total, chasing losses is nothing less than lighting a torch to your bankroll.

It rarely works on a game day and never works long term. The entire concept is misguided. First, you should be splitting up your college football gambling bankroll into at least four segments for the different stages of action on Saturday.

You should next be selective about which games that you wager on, and already have a plan going INTO action. If you enter a college football gambling Saturday without knowing who you like and are going to take, you are already in trouble before the day even begins. It's too late to make the decision on gameday.

The mistake that so many gamblers make, even experienced bettors who have been around the block and should know better, is to get mad if their early wagers blow. Everyone begins a NCAA Football Betting Saturday in the best of moods and with the best intentions.

What separates the winners from the fools is that those with the ability to control themselves and their bankrolls will not lose discipline when the going gets tough. The old cliché about “when the going gets tough, the tough get going.” is very applicable to college football gambling.

When the action gets hot and your temper starts to rise, that is the time to turn on the air conditioning inside you and stay cool as emotionalism and anger are the last ingredients you need to get out of the hole. If you blow games early, suck it up and stay the course. Remember that you still may end up ahead for the day.

Also remember that you may just be having one of those days where everything goes wrong through no fault of your own, no fault until you chase that is!