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College Football Gambling Big 12 at Sports Gambling

The Big 12 College Football Gambling Conference is now 10 years old and has seen complete flip for NCAA football gambling fans.

At the inception of the college football gambling league the power was all with those old Big 8 teams in the North college football gambling Division, In the South, however, Texas was struggling, as was the Big 8's Oklahoma Sooners.

Texas Tech and Texas A&M were both underachieving while Oklahoma State was erratic and Baylor was awful. The college football gambling equation in the early years of the Big 12 was to stick with the north division teams whenever they faced teams from the south.

After Tom Osborn retired at Nebraska after winning the 1997 national championship things began to slowly change, however. With the arrival of Bob Stoops at Oklahoma and Mack Brown at Texas, the South College Football Gambling Division teams began to improve.

The college football gambling boards were slow to reflect this at first as the South division pulled off some surprises before the public and oddsmakers caught on.

Texas, by far the wealthiest of the schools in the College Football Gambling Big 12, basically demanded that the league office be moved to Dallas and that their proposed academic rules be adopted.

Why the North division capitulated on this is baffling, as it was Texas who needed the Big 12 more than the old Big 8 College Football Gambling schools needing Texas. But the league bent over and grabbed the ankles for Texas, which hurt schools like Nebraska and Kansas State in particular.

It was soon obvious in the college football gambling world that Oklahoma and Texas had emerged as perennial national powers, in essence replacing Nebraska and Kansas State of that role and that the better teams were in the South division.

In the past two years, the lack of competitive balance has become more startling, with no real sign that it will improve any time soon. It will be interesting to see how the oddsmakers continue to handle the NCAA college football gambling lines in Big 12 North/South mis-matchups.

The likelihood over overlays from South teams is higher than ever.