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NCAA Basketball

NCAA college basketball betting with live odds and March Madness props. offers up to initial deposit bonus for NCAA college basketball betting.

College basketball betting has the most betting opportunities for gamblers. There are more teams and games in college basketball than any other sport, and it isn't even close. There are well over 200 teams on the NCAA basketball betting board. In an average week during the college basketball betting season there will be over 300 games on the board.


College basketball betting has as many as 100 games on Saturday alone. It takes the NFL an entire season to have as many games as college basketball has in just one week. There is good news and bad news about so many games on the college basketball betting board.

The good news is that you have a ton of college basketball betting opportunities nearly every day for four months. The bad news is that it is next to impossible to keep up with every conference and every team in college basketball betting.

In college basketball betting there are simply too many teams and games on the board and not enough time to do a thorough analysis for each one. What you need to do is make plans to focus on exactly what you want to do in NCAA basketball betting.

If you are one that likes NCAA basketball gambling value you can look strictly at the betting line. If you are someone that likes stats and matchups then you might want to narrow it down to just a couple of conferences in NCAA basketball gambling. You might be someone that likes to play totals in college basketball gambling.

Whatever your strength is you need to stick with it and not get drawn into the many other possibilities college basketball betting offers. It is just too much to handle when you are betting on college basketball.

Some bettors decide even before the season begins and they draw up specific criteria that are value oriented and make sense based on the time they have for handicapping NCAA basketball betting lines. The criteria should keep the gambler's head clear and eliminate confusion in college basketball betting.

The criteria should automatically eliminate games from the college basketball betting board that frees up time for quality research. Another approach that many professional sports gamblers use is to focus on a single conference, or a small set of conferences, while ignoring all the rest on the NCAA basketball betting board.

In this era of college basketball betting in which literally hundreds of games are played each week it is a must to narrow the focus.

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