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NCAA Basketball Odds and Bets at Sports Gambling

Everybody has their favorite NCAA basketball odds strategies and angles that they employ. NCAA basketball betting odds fans are no exception.

When betting on NCAA basketball odds there a myriad of ways and methods to try and beat the bookie. At Sports Gambling with hundreds of NCAA basketball odds posted every week there is something for everyone.

One of the best methods to consider when trying beating NCAA basketball betting odds is looking for top teams that have just suffered an early season loss followed up by a home game against a relatively weak opponent. While it’s not common for top teams to lose early, it does happen and they are usually beaten up for it in the polls.

As a result the NCAA basketball odds makers overreact and skew the odds against the team. The team in turn is looking for a blow out win in its next outing and in this situation these teams generally tend to win big. So if you see such of NCAA basketball odds on Sports Gambling than you should consider taking a long look at it.

Coaching also plays a huge role in NCAA basketball odds betting. In the NBA coaches play a very small role and often times odds makers can get into an NBA mind frame when handicapping college games. In college basketball coaching can make all the difference especially in terms of defense and ball movement.

If you see NCAA basketball odds between to evenly matched teams, also defer to the coaching match up before placing your bet. Upsets can also throw a monkey wrench into any NCAA basketball odds. That’s why it’s important to be able to sniff out where to find a high probability of such an upset happening.

One good place to look for an upset is preseason tournaments.  These types of games are famous for their upsets so don’t be afraid to take a flier on underdogs in these types of match ups. There are two very good reasons for this. First, the teams are very rusty and can play extremely erratic.

Second, the odds makers still aren’t familiar with the teams and their play and so bettors have perhaps a better chance at beating the NCAA basketball betting odds than at any other time of the year.

There are an almost limitless number of angles and strategies that you can employ when trying to beat NCAA basketball odds and people try all of them on a regular basis.

It’s a good idea to develop a few angles of your own and if you employ the several simple strategies discussed above your chances of success when betting on NCAA basketball lines at Sports Gambling will be greatly enhanced.