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March Madness Gambling - Final Four Guide to Excitement

March Madness gambling will reach its climax this weekend with the Final Four from Indianapolis.

March Madness gambling fans go beyond the dedicated college basketball handicappers of the regular season as there are plenty of casual fans that love to bet the March Madness odds. The fact that there will be a lot of “ignorant” March Madness gambling money on the line is one of the first things to consider when making a March Madness betting selection.

The general wagering public that does not pay attention to college basketball until the March Madness gambling season tends to gravitate towards the better known and “name brand” power teams that have been around the block in seasons past.

This serves to drive down the overall March Madness gambling value of such teams and make them into consistent overlays.

One of the most important tasks in handicapping the Final Four March Madness gambling board is to get as much value as possible and you must be careful about wagering with “name brand” favorites as you will, more often than not, be in the same boat with folks that really don’t know what they are doing and have a general lack of expertise.

There is simply no March Madness gambling value in following the masses.  When handicapping the Final Four you must keep an open mind and consider all possibilities.

If you can avoid preconceived notions and simply ascertain where the numeric odds advantage is you will put yourself in a far more advantageous position and often on the same side as the sportsbook itself.

Keep in mind sportsbooks stay in business because most people lose their bets and if you are on the opposite side of the masses more often than not you will likely also be in the black rather than in the red come the end of the National Championship game.

March Madness betting is also not just limited to betting pointspread sides on the games as you should also look at the over/under totals, halves, and futures odds before the first tip off.