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March Madness Betting Line - NIT Features Big Name Leftovers

March Madness betting line action will also include the National Invitational Tournament, which offers additional NCAA March Madness bet options.

March Madness betting line handicappers will see some big name teams on the NIT NCAA March Madness bet board that are often in the regular Big Dance each year. Among the “name brand” teams that you can make a March Madness bet with would be Illinois, Cincinnati, Memphis, North Carolina, and Connecticut. Also on the NIT March Madness betting line as “near misses” were Arizona State, Mississippi State, and Seton Hall.

The 32 team field listed on the March Madness betting line board will come down to a final four that will meet at Madison Square Garden in New York City.  The Tournament will last from March 16 through April 1.

North Carolina has to almost feel embarrassed to be on the March Madness betting line board as a NIT team after winning the NCAA Tournament last year and as a regular Final Four contender under head coach Roy Williams.

Illinois and Mississippi State both are frustrated that they did not make the NCAA March Madness betting line board and had to settle for the NIT in favor of what many experts consider to be weaker teams taking the floor in the Big Dance.  The NIT is very much like college football’s minor bowl games.

For teams not used to being on the post season March Madness betting line board it is an opportunity for growth and a step up.

For traditional power teams like North Carolina, however, there is often a general lack of enthusiasm, which makes for a great handicapping challenge in tying to assess a team that may be physically superior and have a lot more tradition going up against another team that has better motivational advantages.

Unlike the NCAA Tournament the first rounds of the NIT are played on the actual home courts of the teams before the final four of the tournament meeting in New York, which is yet another handicapping angle to consider.