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March Madness Betting Line - Handicapping Challenge in Midwest

March Madness betting line handicappers looking for the ultimate challenge as far as figuring out a winning bet should look no further than the Midwest Regionals.

March Madness betting line upsets were plentiful in the Midwest as NCAA March Madness bet handicappers were stunned at the amount of upsets and surprises. Number one seed Kansas suffered a shocking upset loss with the March Madness betting line as they fell to 9-seeded Northern Iowa 67-69 as 11-point dogs in the second round.

Kansas has had a history of March Madness bet embarrassments under their excellent head coach Bill Self, with the lone exception being their 2008 National Championship season.  Northern Iowa has now emerged as a leading “Cinderella” candidate with the March Madness betting line as they enter Sweet Sixteen action.

The Panthers scored an opening round 69-66 win over UNLV as 1-point chalks prior to beating Kansas.  Northern Iowa will face an experienced team with plenty of past success with the March Madness betting line in Michigan State.

The Spartans entered action with the March Madness betting line as a 5-seed and scored a 70-67 opening round win over New Mexico State but failed to cover as 13-point chalks.  That was followed up with an 85-83 win over 4-seeded Maryland as 1-point dogs.

Keep in mind that Michigan State made the National Championship Game last year before losing to North Carolina.  Ohio State was the one favored team that was able to maintain success and not be upset in the first two rounds of play.

The 2-seeded Buckeyes scored a 68-51 opening round win over Cal State Santa Barbara but failed to cover as 17.5-point chalks. Ohio State followed that up with a payout over the March Madness betting line in a 75-66 win over 10-seeded Georgia Tech as 7-point chalks.

Tennessee will face Ohio State in the Sweet Sixteen.  The 6-seeded Volunteers beat San Diego State 62-59 as 3-point chalks in the opening round and followed that up with an 83-68 win over Ohio University as 9-point chalks in the second round.