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College Basketball Gambling Truths at Sports Gambling

Less is more, that is a way to look at college basketball gambling. Each game listed on the NCAA basketball gambling board is like a poker hand.

In online college basketball gambling, the opposite is true. There is no excuse for a gambler to lose patience or force the issue because with the incredible amount of games on the NCAA basketball betting board in a course of a week, there will be plenty of good opportunities and bargain values.

The first key towards success in college basketball gambling is being selective because it is a sport that is conducive towards being choosy. Nearly everyone has participated in pro football gambling, especially if they get involved in college basketball gambling. And the comparisons are startling, yet educational.

It's far more understandable for a gambler to “force” a play in NFL gambling because of the limited amount of games on the board. While that does not make it right it does make it understandable. And the more games that a handicapper mucks and the more selective that he is on what hands he plays the better he is going to do.

Remember also that you will enter college basketball gambling with a ten-percent disadvantage right from the start due to the house edge on “vig” for each wager. Therefore, you must find ways to cut back into the house edge and in college basketball gambling, the opportunities are a plenty because of the volume of games.

A gambler not only can afford the luxury of being choosy and selecting only the highest percentage plays but he MUST do so. Less is definitely more in college basketball gambling. If a gambler limits him to only the highest percentage plays on the board he will quickly eat away at the house edge and climb to profit.

If you want to learn what not to do, visit a Vegas sports book or online gambling chat board and observe the imbecile that has ten or fifteen wagers going on a college basketball Saturday. With that many games going, there are going to be a lot of garbage hands that go bust.