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College Basketball Betting Tourney at Sports Gambling

College basketball betting online can be a terrific game, certainly more appealing to many than regular NCAA basketball betting.

Sure, you may hear the babbling baboons at ESPN rant and rave about college basketball betting and RPI ratings and such but it is actually far simpler than they make it out to be.

The reality of the situation is that a college basketball betting team can lose every single game it plays but catch fire and win their NCAA basketball betting conference tournament and get an AUTOMATIC bid to the “Big Dance.” And you thought pro sports playoff systems were absurd.

In most conferences, which means for most teams, you qualify for the playoffs regardless of your regular season record. That leads to a college basketball gambling challenge of trying to figure the conference tournaments. The Big East tournament is a great college basketball betting example of the perils of post season.

Connecticut was ranked in the top five of the national polls after a dominating regular season in which they won the Big East conference championship. Syracuse was a fair to middlin' type of team that needed a strong conference tournament run in order to get an at large invite to the NCAA Tournament.

The two were to pair up in the early stages of college basketball betting. Right from the start, the college basketball gambling handicapping factors should have been obvious. Connecticut was already in the “Big Dance” and would have a favorable seeding while Syracuse was fighting for its life.

You tell me who had more to lose and more to play for and more motivation. The answer is obvious, it was Syracuse who, sure enough, scored an upset win over Connecticut and went on to win the Big East tourney, wiping away their mediocre regular season in one weekend and gaining a berth in the NCAA tournament as a result.

You will notice almost every season that teams from mid-major conferences often end up in the NCAA Tournament despite an overall losing record. That is because they caught lightning in a bottle for one weekend in their conference tourney and upset the regular season champ, stealing the “Big Dance” invite for them.

Motivation is a paramount handicapping factor when looking at the conference tournaments from a college basketball gambling perspective.