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College Basketball Betting Traits at Sports Gambling

College basketball betting has certain characteristics or traits to look for when analyzing NCAA basketball betting lines.

The first place to start when analyzing college basketball betting is with the coach. Is he a consistent and PROVEN winner? Does his team have good NCAA basketball betting fundamentals, play tough defense, rebound and hit free throws? Or is his team sloppy and a continual underachiever?

If you have a college basketball betting mismatch of coaches you have a potential play. Is a team good on the road? Can they handle hostile environments? Since your best college basketball betting values are often found with road teams you must take this into account.

Your better known teams, the teams that the masses flock too, often attract their best value on the road, when the masses are less likely to want them. In college basketball betting, this is how you can get value with teams such as Duke, North Carolina, and Kansas.

While such teams are habitual overlays as home chalks, when the masses all want them, they are often dangerous on the road. College basketball betting has far more history and rivalries than pro basketball, so take advantage of that. There are many long term reliable trends in college basketball betting that you can exploit for profit.

It is good to check a team's motivation. Emotion and motivation are a far bigger factor in college basketball betting than what is the case in NBA gambling and if you catch the right emotional combination in a college hoop matchup, you may have discovered gold. Always check the implications involved in a game.

In college basketball betting there are “bubble” teams and “bubble” games that have serious NCAA basketball betting tournament implications and you should take the stakes of a game into account in order to fully assess the potential value of a team and game.

Finally don't be afraid to think and step INTO the herd of masses and to think and act differently. In NCAA basketball betting question why the masses are all on the same side of the game and then comfort you with the knowledge that the sportsbooks know why as well and are likely smiling.