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College Basketball Betting Overview at Sports Gambling

College basketball betting has a different dynamic during the regular season, but March madness changes the dynamics and the NCAA basketball betting odds.

College basketball betting really has two phases each season. The first phase is the NCAA basketball betting regular season running from mid-November through the end of February in which mostly hard core gamblers along with some “weekend warriors” participate.

That is followed by “March Madness” with the conference tournaments and then the “Big Dance” of the NCAA Tournament along with the also-ran tourney known as the NIT, (National Invitational Tournament), in which the college basketball betting masses turn out in full force for wagering action.

No sport has as many teams or games for handicappers to track each day as does college basketball betting. For the handicapper that undertakes the task of trying to analyze every team and every game, there is nothing but a straight jacket and a rubber room in his future.

There are many handicappers that entered college basketball betting with that intention, of being able to track all of the teams, and nearly to a man, they will all admit that they ended up fatigued, frustrated, an d confused due to information overload.

However, feature a great number of vale opportunities during the season for the handicapper that is paying attention and knows where to shop. Due to the volume of teams and games, professional bettors will tell you that there are a lot of weak lines put out during the college basketball betting season.

The trick in NCAA basketball betting is to know where to find them and also how to avoid overlays, which are common occurrence in the college hoops with the more popular teams and conferences.

Like other sports, you can bet pointspread sides, some money lines, (unless the game is a mismatch), totals, teasers, parlays and futures in college basketball betting.

Futures are fairly popular as Las Vegas tourists or fans of teams at online betting sites like to take a season long ticket on their favorite team's odds of winning the national title. With online gambling sportsbooks, college basketball betting has never been more popular.