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College Basketball Betting Odds Hidden Gems at Sports Gambling

To win at college basketball betting odds, you obviously have to learn where the winners can be located. NCAA basketball betting odds experts answer will surprise you.

So you want to make money on college basketball betting odds? And so you start off like with teams like Duke and North Carolina, and then you lose money and wonder what you did wrong with those college basketball betting odds. The answer is simple.

What you did wrong with the NCAA basketball betting odds is that you did what everyone else does and went with the popular “name brand” teams and bet with no value, making frequent overlays with overpriced teams. In order to win at the college basketball betting odds, you obviously have to learn where the winners can be located.

And the answer would very well surprise you. College basketball's hidden gems are just that. They are hidden in the smaller conferences, also known as “mid-major” conferences. And when you think about it, that's no surprise.

The hidden gems stay that way because the masses don't give them a second thought, focusing their attention on the popular traditional power type teams given by the college basketball betting odds.

In 2005-06 the overwhelming majority of most profitable teams in the college basketball betting odds were the mid-major “generic brand” teams starting with Cal Poly SLO, who went a lethal 19-6 against the spread.

They were followed, in order, by North Carolina Wilmington, Siena, Jacksonville State, New Mexico State, Akron, and finally “name brand” entry Florida. The rest of the top ten in profitability was back to “generic brands” Canisius, Kent State and George Mason. This is what college basketball odds are about.

It's perfectly alright to admit that you didn't know of or even hear of such teams before now. And that's the entire point. In the college basketball betting odds you are not going to find much gold where everyone else is mining.

You have to go where everyone else won't go and that is with the lesser known teams and leagues, where the college basketball betting odds are often weaker because there is less business emphasis on those games due to less consumer demand.

The college basketball betting oddsmakers simply put the honey where the flies are, with the bigger and better known teams and conferences and suck them in with trap lines.

To put this another way, you cannot win at the college basketball betting odds by doing what everyone else does, as everyone else is who keeps sportsbooks in business.