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College Basketball Betting Guide at Sports Gambling

One of the first things you should recognize about college basketball betting online is that there are two types of bettors.

For those new to college basketball betting, a first glance at the board can be very intimidating, if not down right frustrating. The sheer volume of games and teams can literally fry the brain and confuse even the steadiest of minds.

Right from the start you will learn a valuable college basketball betting online lesson which is that you simply cannot analyze the entire board, you have to, instead, develop a reliable methodology going into the college basketball betting season that will quickly toss out a lot of games from the board on its own.

And that is what college basketball betting is about. One of the first things you should recognize about college basketball betting online is that there are two types of bettors. There are the hard core groups of “sharps” that really know the sport and how to bet it and then there are the masses that, like in all other sports, gravitate towards the marquee teams and games.

So if you are entering college basketball betting with the idea that you will make money betting on Duke, North Carolina, Kansas and UCLA you can consider yourself a certified and guaranteed loser before the first game is ever played.

Such teams rarely bring home profits precisely because everyone is betting on them and the oddsmakers charge a premium “name brand” price to meet consumer demand. Just like in other forms of sports betting, you are better off developing a college basketball betting methodology that is different from what the masses are doing.

Focusing on the less popular teams and conferences increases the likelihood that you will find bargains and values. In college basketball betting online, learning how to spot live dogs is another important trait and skill to develop.

Learning the courage and wisdom of opposing the masses is yet another way to make yourself better and to increase your betting odds.

You should continually try and develop your mindset to be like the oddsmakers and realize that you will be far better off knowing about college basketball GAMBLING rather than knowing about college basketball betting itself.

Beyond all of that it is important to have a bankroll management plan in place as there are so many teams and games in college basketball betting that a guy can get ground down to nothing in short order. This all comes back to developing a methodology that cuts games down and focuses just on prime candidates on the board.

In college basketball betting, there are plenty of opportunities for success and value if a handicapper is patient and allows the action to come to him.