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College Basketball Betting at Sports Gambling

College basketball betting involves many factors, but it is not as difficult as it might appear.

Let’s take a basic look at what you need to do to successfully get involved with NCAA basketball betting. College basketball betting can begin with statistics. There are a number of important statistics to look at when you begin looking at college basketball betting odds and totals.

The basic stats such as points scored, points allowed, rebounding and turnovers are important, but you also want to consider other statistics. You can break down the NCAA basketball betting statistics into home/away splits.

You can also include in your statistics categories for things like strength of schedule, conference or non-conference games, and past history. Some handicappers base their entire college basketball betting selection on trends.

They get into past performance history of how a team did in certain situations, head to head, against the college basketball betting spread, etc. They also get far too technical sometimes and come up with insane college basketball betting trends like how a team did coming off a double digit loss, after a big win as a 7 point favorite, etc, etc, etc.

If you want to find a college basketball betting trend you always can. You are better off looking at the basic college basketball betting ones like head to head matchups and home/away performances. Another factor to consider in NCAA basketball betting is the home court edge.

Some places are just very difficult to travel to and have success. Teams like Duke, North Carolina, Kansas and others have great home court edges. There are many other venues that are just as good and that is why college basketball teams sometimes will enjoy huge home court advantages in college basketball betting.

You definitely want to take home court into account when doing your college basketball betting and if you are taking a road team, you need to be very secure in that selection. Some people will bet college basketball games strictly based on the numbers.

If their numbers are better than the NCAA basketball betting oddsmakers then they play the game. It is strictly a matter of betting into the line for them. This can definitely be a factor in your handicapping as well. If you see a number that you believe has real value then play it.

College basketball betting oddsmakers don’t always set numbers based on who will win the game; they make the number to get balanced action.

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