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Bet March Madness - Conference Tournaments

Bet March Madness time has finally arrived as conference tournaments will take place starting this week and continuing through next week getting into full swing.
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Bet March Madness handicappers often find hidden gems in the conference tournaments as teams will often have far different March Madness gambling results than in the regular season.

Some of the top and most dominant teams in the regular season will often get caught off guard in the conference tournaments as they are already looking forward to the NCAA national tournament to come. There is often a lack of a sense of urgency or intensity with top regular season conference champions when it comes to board value with the March Madness odds.

On the other hand the equivalent of horse racing’s “beaten favorites” are often the way to go when it comes to conference tournament betting.  Teams that underperformed in the regular season can often finally rise to the occasion and come through during conference tournament time.

One of the great gifts that a conference tournament will offer is that it gives teams that fell short of expectations a second chance to hit their goals and bail out of trouble to make the NCAA tournament.

Much like the college football bowl season a big part of basketball betting Madness March in the conference tournaments is accurately assessing the motivation of the teams involved and who stands the most and the least to both gain and lose.

In some of the mid-major basketball conferences such as the Horizon League a team of little notoriety can rise from nowhere and knock off a well-established conference power.  There have been mid-major teams that have made the “Big Dance” with losing regular season records because they were able to catch fire in the conference tournaments.

Another factor that will come into play as far as board value with those who will bet March Madness is that there will be a lot of ignorant public money that is not in play during the regular season.

College basketball’s popularity has fallen dramatically and is now basically a one month season with March Madness as plenty of gamblers and fans who have no idea about how the teams performed in the regular season will be glued to all of the action taking place in March Madness.