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The NCAA Basketball Recruiting Season Is Coming

College basketball fans are always looking forward to the annual recruiting season. This is a time when the biggest and most prominent college basketball programs head out to different cities and schools to find the new big stars for their teams. The NCAA basketball recruiting season for 2015 will have many exciting points to explore.

The Quiet Period

The quiet period will take place from May 30 to July 5. This is where coaches cannot make off-campus contact with any possible players. Coaches can call or text players and write letters or emails to them. The coaches are allowed to get in touch with these players on campus.

The Dead Period

The dead period means that the coach can only contact the player by a call, text, letter or email. Players can go onto campuses but coaches will not be allowed to get in actual contact with them during this time period. The main dead period will take place from Mary 21-29 but there will also be a few points in the month on July where dead periods will take place.

The Live Period

The live period is the most important and key part of the recruiting season. This will take place starting on July 8. There will be a few dead periods during the month on July but a large portion of the month will be a live period. Coaches will be allowed to travel to different schools and attend various practices and combines that feature many prominent athletes who are looking to get scholarships to different schools.

These points will be used to ensure that the NCAA basketball field is going to be properly maintained and ready for all to check out. There is a real potential for different high school stars to get onto various programs and commit to them in the future. It will especially be exciting to see how many of the country's top current programs will work to bring in different players that they feel might be rather interesting and viable.