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Washington Wizards NBA Betting at Sports Gambling

NBA betting on the Washington Wizards is almost always exciting, especially if Gilbert Arenas is healthy and present for the basketball betting lines.

The Washington Wizards are exciting to watch and almost always score a lot of points for fans that get involved in NBA betting. Basketball betting on the Wizards ended last season in the first round of the playoffs as the Wizards was dumped by the Cleveland Cavaliers.

Most NBA betting experts know that was not much of a series because the Wizards were missing two of their best players, Gilbert Arenas and Caron Butler due to injuries. This is the make or break year for the Wizards according to many NBA betting experts.

After this season Gilbert Arenas will opt-out of his contract and become a free agent. Fans that consider basketball betting tips know that Antawn Jamison, will also be a free agent. Arenas have said that if the Wizards are not on the right track he will leave after this year.

Washington has virtually the same team they had a year ago and that may not be all bad for fans of basketball betting. If Arenas and Butler had been healthy they may have been a force in the Eastern Conference playoffs a year ago.

Experts that consider NBA betting tips see that the Wizards are a little weak in the middle with Etan Thomas but they are sure strong with Jamison, Butler and Arenas. NBA betting fans see that DeShawn Stevenson is the other starter. The bench for Washington is weak according to online NBA betting tips experts and some upgrades are needed.

The problem that many gamblers that look at NBA betting tips have with the Wizards is that they play no defense. That is not a good sign when you are wagering money on a team in NBA betting.

You have to hope your team is having a great offensive night or you get beat versus the NBA betting odds. For Washington to have success against the NBA betting odds and have success in the playoffs they must improve the defense.