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Online Basketball Betting Wagers at Sports Gambling

Online basketball betting can take many forms due to the different wager types that you can employ in your NBA betting strategy.

Teaser bets are some of the most popular online basketball betting wagers you can enjoy. Basketball teasers are perfect for both online basketball betting veterans and NBA gamblers who are new to the NBA betting world.

Online basketball betting with teasers involves choosing two or more teams to cover their given point spreads, which is therefore similar to NBA betting on parlays. However, the difference between online basketball betting on teasers and online basketball betting on parlays is the fact that with teasers the point spreads are shifted in your favor.

There are lots of different online basketball betting teasers that may be made available, and each one will be unique in the amount of plays you are required to include and the amount of points you are offered. For instance, one possible NBA betting teaser would involve three plays with a benefit of seven points for each one.

So in this example, if you were NBA betting on a team that was listed as a -3 favorite, that line would consequently shift to +4 due to the seven point buffer. Teasers are therefore perfect for online basketball betting for those handicappers who are new to NBA handicapping.

With teasers, you are able to try out your handicapping hand with the advantage of an online basketball betting buffer in the form of the points given to you via the teaser. However, online basketball betting with teasers is certainly not only for beginners. Teasers are also popular with many veteran online basketball betting enthusiasts.

Teasers offer the perfect opportunity for online basketball betting on a game in which you are not completely comfortable with the point spread. If you have a lean on a game, but are not confident to place a normal side bet, the game may suddenly obtain value once you consider it within a teaser bet.

Also, teasers will logically win much more frequently than will parlays, and many bettors prefer making wagers with a high win percentage as it often increases the entertainment value of the wager. Finally, teasers have the added benefit of providing online basketball betting excitement.