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New Jersey Nets NBA Betting at Sports Gambling

NBA betting on the New Jersey Nets in 2007-2008 will probably be similar to what they were a year ago.

NBA betting will show that New Jersey is capable of finishing with a basketball betting winning record but not much more. The Nets have the trio of Jason Kidd, Vince Carter and Richard Jefferson. On paper that looks great but in terms of playoff success it is destined to be a failure.

Most experts that bet NBA betting know that the Nets are not a threat to win the NBA title. Jason Kidd is an excellent point guard but can’t score enough to carry a team. Fans of basketball betting odds see that Vince Carter can score a lot of points in the regular season but becomes an invisible ball hog in the playoffs.

NBA betting experts know that Richard Jefferson is just a solid player but not a superstar. Fans of NBA basketball gambling odds believe that the Nets are a decent team in the regular season but nothing more. Fans of NBA betting see that Lawrence Frank has done a good job with the talent he has.

The problem for New Jersey according to experts that do NBA betting is that they have no inside game and no solid outside threat. Many NBA betting experts believe that until New Jersey gets a solid center and some outside shooting they will lose in the playoffs again.

Fans of NBA gambling odds see that the Nets lost Mikki Moore but added Jamaal Magloire. The other starter is Nenad Krstic who usually frustrates those that bet NBA gambling odds.

Most experts that look at NBA betting think the New Jersey Nets will probably finish very near to where they did last year and make the playoffs. NBA betting make them competitive in the Eastern Conference but not a serious threat to win the title.

That will probably be the case versus the NBA gambling odds until the Nets get rid of Carter and Jason Kidd retires.